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Recorded in 2018/2019. Instrumentals recorded with assistance from Matt Rapp. Vocals recorded by Nate Kelmes at Owen Audio, who also handled the mixing of the record.


released July 26, 2019


all rights reserved



RAM ONES Cleveland, Ohio

We are a very grateful hardcore band. We are Liam, Brad, Josh, and JV. Thanks, we're RAM ONES.

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Track Name: Lie, Cheat, Steal (not the one by Run The Jewels)
There is no future for us. Nobody who we can trust. We cringe and wince, confronted with the fact that this world is cold. It enfolds.
The things that could absolve you it withholds. I can pry, I can lie, I can cheat, and steal, and I can deny. And I won't waste one more
minute of my time. The game is rigged. I'm giving in and playing. Impulse is all I know, it relieves the fucking tension but it doesn't
leave you room to grow, so you don't,
Track Name: R.I.P. This Joint
This place is death. The roof is caving in. The floor is falling out from underneath our feet. It's far beyond repair. When you stare
into your soul, do you see an endless void? Or reminders of a past that we destroyed? We know we are the strays, the castaways, with no
place to go. We are the last of a dying breed, still beating blackhearts. Time is not on our side. We exist left of the dial, in the
static hiss. White noise, our voices strain. Regurgitate inspired eyes, the song remains the same. There is a space between where we
are and where we "should" be, but I will not apologize for the hand that was dealt to me. Nobodies beast of burden. Exile my whole
life, and I remain more "Sympathy" and less "Shine A Light". I'm blacking it out.
Track Name: The Reason (not the one by Hoobastank)
Hellfire to the liars, spineless snakes in sheeps attire. Just martyrs to yourselves and yourselves alone. Parasites, charlatans swing-
ing gavels. Brick by brick, building up your towers to heaven. When they crumble beneath your weight all hell awaits, with sharpened
claws to tear the flesh clean off your bones. Painting your palace red. You stand on throats and cast your stones and that's the reason
that you'll die alone. Sit on your throne and cast your stones, that's the fucking reason that you're gonna die alone.
Track Name: In The Flesh
I'm so in the flesh right now.
Track Name: Scab City
Turn out the lights. Seal your eyelids out of spite. Binge and purge, crash and burn. Tattoo black clouds atop your head. Climb new
heights, reach new crushing lows. Cash your checks, yeah, don't repay your loans. Swim for the shore, sink beneath the waves. Let them
bury you in an unmarked grave, and lie awake for days on end. Praying to the gods of party time. Parading around in a crimson mask, and
other ways to say it's fine, when it's not.
Track Name: Burn This Trash
Oh yeah, you can have it all clenched tight in your greedy fucking fingers. Greased palms drenched in blood. The world is yours, it's
never enough, and heavy lies the crown upon the head of the pigman. Nose in the shit. Your time has come. This time it's ours. Feed.
Squirm. Squeal. Grin. Content with your lust. But when your number is called for the bolt gun, we are the vultures feasting on your
dead weight.
Track Name: Lead Life Vest
Stand on the deck and jump right in. Never learned how to swim, Just live low on skid row. Slip beneath the undertow. Blue lips, burst
lungs. Make best friends with dying young. Eyes blacked out. If I wash ashore, throw me to the tide once more in a life vest filled
with led. Sink slow, patch no hole. Slip beneath the undertow. Bleed red, kiss with tongue, go down and bring everyone. Piss on thrones
with no reverence. Bury the idols, burn all the maps, dance on the graves, smear my face in the ash. I will dare. I don't care.
Track Name: Beneath The Lows
Nothing to gain. Alive, awake, yet still depressed. We hide the shame with nothing to gain from long nights in parked cars. Beneath
stars. Between the bars. Live with the pain, living in vain. Alive all the same with nothing to fucking gain from long nights, followed
by unmarked cop cars. Beneath stars. Between the bars. Wake up in the morning wearing the same close, eyes half closed, living beneath
the lows. With clipped wings, no use for pretty things. Covered in scars, living between the bars with nothing to gain.
Track Name: Thanks, We're RAM ONES
Thanks, we're RAM ONES.
Track Name: The Beast Between Us
Under the cover of night, we scratch, and claw, and shake, and scream, and fight. Beneath the pale moon, good times come and they end
far too soon. And in the break of dawn our dilated eyes are strained so hard, into the sobering sun where they see what they've done.
On my darkest days, I'm standing here. Lighting matches while you disappear into a world so full of should've, could've, would've
beens. You'll spend your years regretting every single one of them. If you're as much like me as it seems then we have crossed paths
through the dark streets of our dreams, so I still believe with sincerity that we could have what's ours if we defeat the beast between
us. Throw torches to our fear. You're terrified your wasted time has added up to another fucking year.

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